Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Epee Commission


Watercolor on Yupo
Private Commission-Bridge Family
I created this painting from photos I was given by the client. After a series of studies and sketches I decided upon the composition and color theme. The client approved and I set about the work. The above image is the result.

 If you would like to commission me to produce a painting of the fencer in your life, contact me:

Enjoy!- Princess

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Studio Bout At Six!

Detail from a new small 
fencing oil painting
by Princess S. Rashid
On Saturday (8.6.10),  I was disgusted with myself. I was in my studio by 6:00 pm.  (Late. We had family time at the beach earlier that day.  Kids have to play right?)

My main goal was to finish a small (6 x6")  fencing oil painting I had been working on forever. I was sick of NOT finishing it.  I had recently read a very convicting blog entry from Fresh Gloss [see my earlier post [link] ,  and I was on this kick about "laziness" and "making excuses". So full of angst, I went into the studio to kick some butt...MINE! I just wanted to get the damn thing done!

What caused this problem in the first place?

I realize now that I had grown bored with the piece. Maybe that's why I had abandoned it for a while.  Of course, I had traveled and had family visits to add to my distractions but still those are not real excuses for not finishing the painting.

Gamblin Artist Colors
product, Neo Meglip 
After our long separation,  the painting felt tedious to work on. So coming back to it, I decided to try some new stuff and have some fun. I found a medium in my paint box that I hadn't tried yet called Neo Megilp by Gamblin Artist Colors [link].

According to Gamblin, "Neo Megilp is a soft gel that gives oil colors a silky feel. This is the modern copy of a medium used by Turner. It allows paint to workable for hours". Hmmm!

My little brushes
I love it. It breathed new life into the piece. The medium glossed the surface up and allowed me to be expressive with each stroke. The other thing I did was switch from the little brushes (sizes 0, 1, 2)  to a larger filberts and flats.

I finished the piece by 9:50 pm!  I kicked hesitationself doubt, daydreaming and other time-wasters ASSes. Yay!

It still needs a touch or two here and there but it is mostly done!

Every little victory is one step forward.....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Curses! I've Been Hit!

"Curses-I've been Hit!"
Pencil & Watercolor (Study)
c. 2011 Princess Simpson Rashid

Email me  or leave a comment below if you would like to:

  • commission a drawing  based on this image, entitled "Curses-I've Been Hit!"
  • purchase a giclee reproduction or poster of this exact image

See if you can find this action in the video.

New Drawings and Tournament Video

On January 15,  2011, I fenced in the River City Duel till You Drop fencing tournament in Jacksonville, FL.   I also got a chance to shoot some video of the other fencers. Here are some sketches  made to study the fencing actions I saw.

Epee Touch at River City Duel 2011 from Princess Rashid on Vimeo.

See if you can find the actions I depict in the watercolor drawings with the actions in the video. If you wish to commission a drawing based on these sketches email me.

"The Lunge"-Sketch
c.2011 Princess Simpson Rashid
Pencil & Watercolor

c.2011 Princess Simpson Rashid
Pencil & Watercolor 

Friday, October 29, 2010

Silver in Cincinnati @ North American Cup! Yay!

Finally, all the training is starting to come together.

Earlier this month, I traveled up to Cincinnati, OH for the North American Cup A Division II Women's Epee event.  Let me say, I love Cincinnati! Great city!  My results?

I earned the Silver medal and my B-rating in Epee.

Princess Rashid (me) receiving the Silver Medal at the North American Cup A
Division II Women's Epee event.

I did pretty well in my pool. I got out undefeated. That was pretty great for me actually because it usually takes me some time, one or two bouts, to get it together. Plus, when I walked into the venue that morning, I felt terrible....the beginnings of the flu. Turns out, I fence pretty well when I'm sick to my stomach. LOL!

Here's some shots of the final bout: Rashid (left) vs. Jarin-Lipschitz (right)

I score the first touch. Yay!

Rashid scores the first touch! 

But throughout the bout we are neck and neck. In this next shot the score is tied and 2-2.

Score is tied 2-2.
And then she comes out with her attack. Jarin-Lipschitz penetrated my distance and scored the next touch.
Jarin-Lipschitz penetrates Rashid's distance
and scores the next touch.

Still, I'm not worried. There's still plenty of time..... In the next shot, the score is tied again at 7-7.

Scored is tied again 7-7.
The final score was 10-9 ( Jarin-Lipschitz-Rashid).

We were tied 9-9. I get the priority coin flip. I'm thinking great..."all I have to do is double".  That was my plan. She comes for me, just like I knew she would....and then, I apparently have a brain F*RT. Excuse me!

I thought I had waited to make the double but a trusted spectator informed me later that I was a hair too soon with my action. Instead of doubling, there was only one light! Curses! She must have parried! Curses!!!!!!!

Oh well, there's always next time!

All in all, it was a pretty exciting day!